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Welcome to the Sir Grout Washington DC Metro Blog where we discuss topics of interest pertaining to the hard surface restoration industry.

Published May 12, 2018

Before and After Picture of a Shower Grout Cleaning in Tenleytown, DC A Grout Cleaning Job in Tenleytown, DC, Completely Renewed This Shower

Homeowners often sell their houses and move into a new place. There are many reasons people decide to sell their property such as: the house becomes insufficient for their needs, job transfer of the homeowner, changing the neighborhoods, moving closer to family, changing lifestyle, and many other reasons. When preparing a house for the market, h...


Published April 23, 2018

Before and After Picture of a Shower Grout Cleaning in Potomac, MD Our Grout Cleaning Service Rejuvenated a Shower Floor in Potomac, MD

One of the biggest dreams for almost everybody is to be a homeowner. There are few things more gratifying for a married couple than owning their own home. This was the case with our next clients, a young couple would be getting married in a few months. They planned to buy a house as soon as possible. They both lived in Washington DC and were loo...


Published March 26, 2018

Before and After Picture of a Shower Caulking Service in Fairfax, VA Fairfax Caulking Services Completely Transformed This Dull Shower

Age is definitely just a number for baby boomers. Many of them haven't shown any will to retire just yet. Instead of thinking about retiring in Florida, they are looking for a fresh new start. It's no wonder the bed-and-breakfast business has become so popular among couples over the age of 50. This is exactly what a middle-aged couple from ...


Published February 26, 2018

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom Floor Grout Sealing Service in Rockville, Maryland How a Simple Grout Sealing Service Helped Raise the Value of a Condo in Rockville, MD

This young couple would've never imagined that a simple grout sealing service in Rockville, MD, would be a determining factor in landing their dream home.


Published December 19, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Grout Cleaning Service in Rockville, MD Eliminate All the Dirt from Your Shower with Our Amazing Grout Cleaning Service in Rockville, MD

This married couple travelled a lot for work and didn't have the time to deeply clean their house. One of the rooms that the wife was most concerned about was the guest bathroom because it had been deteriorating over the years.


Published November 28, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Stained Tile Floor in Fairfax Station A Grout Recoloring Service Saved This Old Church in Fairfax Station from a Costly Renovations

The pastoral group of this 85-year-old church in Fairfax Station, Virginia received a generous donation that could be used for whatever they saw fit. One of the things the church needed the most was to spruce up some of its facilities, such as its restrooms and some common areas to improve the services it provides its parishioners.


Published November 12, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Dirty Grout in Fairfax, VA A Tile Floor in Fairfax, VA Regained Its Original Look after an Outstanding Grout Cleaning

White is commonly associated with cleanliness and open spaces. That is why some people choose this color for certain areas of their home, especially smaller rooms. That was the case with this homeowner, who wanted to visually add some space to her bathroom since it was small. She always thought that a darker color would make it look cramped.


Published October 26, 2017

Before and After Picture of Tile and Grout Cleaners in Rockville, MD Our Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners Amazingly Transformed This Bathroom in Rockville, MD

Cleaning can be a nightmare, and sometimes, despite your best efforts, you might not be able to get everything as clean as you would like. That was what happened to this homeowner. He was cautious when cleaning his beautiful house. He always bought his own cleaning products and cleaned everything himself. However, there was a problem: he didn't ...


Published October 10, 2017

Before and After PIcture of a Tile Grout Cleaning in Bethesa Our Tile and Grout Cleaners Got Fantastic Results with This Kitchen Floor in Bethesda, MD

It's incredible how we don't notice any changes in our kitchen floors. Years can go by and grout can turn black, and yet it still takes a guest's picky eye to notice that our kitchen floor is a soiled mess.


Published September 20, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Grout Recoloring Service in Arlington, VA A Shower Recovered Its Original Look Thanks to a Grout Recoloring Service in Arlington, VA

This homeowner in Arlington, VA was working nonstop for 15 years and never had the chance to dedicate time to properly clean and maintain her home. Now that she was retired, she wanted to devote some time to finally give her home a refreshed look.



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