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Fairfax Caulking Services Completely Transformed This Dull Shower

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March 26, 2018

Age is definitely just a number for baby boomers. Many of them haven't shown any will to retire just yet. Instead of thinking about retiring in Florida, they are looking for a fresh new start. It's no wonder the bed-and-breakfast business has become so popular among couples over the age of 50.

Before and After Picture of a Shower Caulking Service in Fairfax, VA
This is exactly what a middle-aged couple from Fairfax, VA had in mind. They had an enormous two-story house, which was now empty because all their children had left for college. They couldn't bear the thought of selling their house and moving into a small condo. So, they decided to venture into the hospitality business, but never would have thought that Fairfax caulking services would be key in helping them.

They had the legal requirements figured out, permits and all. Their house had enough amenities to be considered an attractive spot for visitors—it even had a private bathroom for each room, which happens to be a must-have feature every guest tends to look for in a bed-and-breakfast. But precisely in one of their bathrooms laid the problem.

The bathroom in their eldest son's room was simply not in the best shape. Since he was the first to leave the nest for college, his bathroom was in far worse condition than the others. It had been practically unattended for some time now due to its little to no use, and small leaks and dust buildup had gone unnoticed, contributing to mildew proliferation and dirty surfaces. Worst of all, the caulk had cracked; part of it was missing and other parts were starting to peel off from in between the tiles.

These were issues they simply couldn't solve by themselves and they knew they needed professional help. That's when they started to look online and read reviews written by people with similar problems, which eventually lead them to our site. There, they filled out a form to schedule a free in-home evaluation.

The Bathroom's Condition

As usual, our crew of specialists arrived on time to examine the couple's troublesome bathroom. They immediately noticed the problem was with the grout and caulk. The grout lines were cracked, dirty and traces of mildew were visible. In other areas, the caulk was nearly non-existent.

Our experts explained how the silicone-based grout used for grouting and caulking is known to come off easily, crack and even get moldy. Therefore, they recommended doing a deep clean in order to get rid of all the dirt and traces of mildew, followed by regrouting and recaulking with epoxy grout, and finishing off with a ColorSeal in order to protect the grout from future issues and give the shower its brand-new look back, to accommodate guests.

Glad about our assessment and happy they were back on track with their plans to turn their house into bed-and-breakfast, they went ahead and booked a date for the procedure to take place.

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom Caulking Service in Fairfax, VA
The Service

On the day agreed upon, our crew arrived at the couple's doorstep. After putting aside all objects and materials laid out across the bathroom and protecting adjacent areas that could suffer damage during the procedure, they started with the cleaning process.

They began by cleaning the tiles and tub with our non-toxic, pH-neutral cleaners in order to remove the dirt. Then, they used a vapor steam cleaner to remove the mildew and grime from areas that proved to be a lot harder to clean.

Once all surfaces were completely clean, our crew proceeded to remove all remaining grout and caulk to replace it with epoxy grout. Being less porous and more of a plastic, epoxy grout is less likely to crack, peel or dry, is resistant to mold and mildew and more durable than silicone-based grout.

Finally, Sir Grout's proprietary product, ColorSeal, was applied to the grout lines in order to give them a consistent color throughout the bathroom's surfaces. This process not only aesthetically enhances the bathroom to better accommodate guests, but also protects the grout and makes it much easier to clean.

The Outcome

After our crew was done working on the bathroom, it looked shiny and spotless. The couple was very pleased, as they finally got rid of the obstacle that was standing between them and their dreams of turning their home into a charming bed and breakfast. A place where they would work together and hopefully host a plethora of guests.

Before stepping out of the house, our experts shared some tips with them that could come in handy now that part of their job description would be maintaining their bathrooms in tip-top shape:
  • Periodically check the bathrooms for leaks and blockages, as any standing water could lead to mold or mildew growth.

  • Use the proper cleaners and cleaning methods to sanitize your bathrooms, as soap-based cleaner and a dirty mop can leave a film of scum on the surface.

  • Keep your bathroom well ventilated by occasionally opening a window and/or installing an extractor fan, as wet and damp areas are ideal for mold or mildew proliferation.

Caulking Services near You!

If you're like this couple and the only thing that's stopping you from achieving your goals is a renovation that involves caulking and other related services, go ahead and give us a call at (703) 997-8552 or simply fill out the "Request a Quote" form found on this very page to schedule your free evaluation. Also, subscribe to our newsletter.

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