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You Won't Believe the Amazing Transformation of This Tile Floor in Capitol Hill Thanks to Our Skilled Tile and Grout Cleaners

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August 29, 2017

It's a fact that historical homes offer certain characteristics that captivate most homeowners' attention. They are unique, classic, spacious, and elegant. Plus, these lovely archetypes of the past show off a beautiful and solid structure. However, preserving them can be very demanding. As time and technology advance, their materials become more rare and limited, for which maintenance seems like the smartest option. This Washington D.C. resident's home was no exception. It had deteriorated over time, especially visible in areas like the kitchen. Fortunately, he would find out it was nothing that skilled tile and grout cleaners in Capitol Hill weren't able to restore.

Before and After Picture of a Floor Tile and Grout Cleaners in Capitol Hill
In the beginning…
When the man bought the house, it had a beautiful tile floor in the kitchen. As the years went by, the tiles had become dark and dingy with aged, stained, and crumbled grout lines. He thought of replacing the entire surface, but it was too expensive and he hated remodels, so he discarded that option right away. Nevertheless, he knew he had to do something about it. The unsightly look of his kitchen floor, even after his usual cleaning routine, frustrated him. He even stopped inviting his friends and family over, embarrassed of his dingy kitchen floor. He sat down one day and thought of potential solutions: looking for DIY solutions online, paying a cleaning lady to dedicate all her expertise to the floor, asking everybody he knew in the maintenance department at his work, asking his sister for references of home improving companies.

Looking for a solution…
After a while, he concluded that turning to his sister for help was the best choice since she was a successful realtor. He immediately called her and after explaining his situation, the sister recommended Sir Grout Washington DC Metro. She said she had hired our services several times to restore hard surfaces in listed homes to boost their prices. His sister affirmed that our company had performed great renovations every single time. The man decided to follow his sister's advice and went online to visit our website. He read a few testimonials that confirmed his sister's appraisal. Next, the homeowner scheduled a free in-home consultation.

Evaluating the situation…
On the set date and time, our team of experts arrived at this homeowner's historical property. We were immediately shown the kitchen floor. The technicians' experience allowed us to see the causes of the floor's current state along with the solution. We said that time and use had played an important role in the decay. Nevertheless, incorrect maintenance had also contributed to deterioration. Our professionals recommended a multi-stage procedure that included deep cleaning, grout repair, and grout sealing.

Kitchen floors are one of the busiest areas in any home, being subjected to heavy foot traffic and spills. Plus, kitchens are oftentimes the area where all the family members spend time together. Now, stop for a moment and imagine this: a whole family sharing, walking, eating, and cooking in the same space. All the dirt those feet brought in from the street, all the sauce and oil, juice, wine and even water spills end up on the floor. And you may have assumed to remove it with a mop, but… were you aware that it might have leaked into the porous surface?

We all know that grout is indispensable for tile surfaces as it is used to fill in the space between the tiles. Nevertheless, grout is permeable, allowing dirt and liquids to seep into the grout lines and under the tiles. This absorption can lead to stains, grime buildup, chipping, cracks, crumbling, and even tile detachment. To prevent these consequences, it is necessary to seal the surface right after installation. In the case of this client, we found out that the grout lines were not sealed. They had accumulated a large amount of dirt as you can see in the picture that shows the surface before our service.

Taking action…
On the marked day, our team came back with the necessary equipment and products to perform the restoration. We began by thoroughly cleaning the surface. The team used a combination of appropriate cleaning products and a high-speed scrubber that removed the grime form the surface. After, we used vapor steam cleaning for the most difficult areas. Once the tile floor was clean, we applied a layer of ColorSeal to prevent it from damaging again.

ColorSeal is Sir Grout's flagship grout sealant. It is specially designed to create a shield that blocks permeation of liquids and dirt. This state-of-the-art grout sealant leaves liquids beading on the surface, which makes cleaning a lot easier. It also comes in different colors, which allowed our client to choose his preferred shade for his floor.

The outcome…
As soon as the restoration was done, the team let the homeowner in to show him the results. He was very pleased with the outcome. The man thanked our team with a handshake while looking at the floor. He said it looked as beautiful as new and that we had exceeded his expectations. The homeowner also affirmed that he would recommend us to anybody in need of a tile and grout cleaning or any other hard surface restoration.

Preserving the results…
Our experts gave the owner some recommendations on the care and maintenance of the surface. The first thing we recommended was using a soap-less cleaner. We explained that part of the problem had to do with the use of soap-based cleaners. These kinds of cleaners leave a film on the tiles and grout lines that make dirt stick to the surface, leading to a brownish, waxy layer of grime. We also suggested that the owner used a damp mop when cleaning the surface instead of washing it. It is important to keep the surface as dry as possible to preserve the sealant. The specialists mentioned that walking on dirt could cause scratches, for which it is advisable to remove dust and dirt on a daily basis.

If you think your tile surfaces might need to be sealed, contact us today! Sir Grout Washington DC Metro's tile and grout cleaning experts are ready to restore your surfaces and teach you how to prevent any damage from happening again. Call us at (703) 997-8552 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to set up an appointment for a free evaluation.

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